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Founded in 2020, Steelewall Trucking has quickly become a trusted partner in the logistics sector, specializing in owner-operator contracts with a focus on U.S. DOT and MC leases. We provide flexible trucking solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs across the United States.​

As a Motor Carrier we can provide our clients with the ability to operate under our authority without the responsibility and cost that goes with it. We are able to give the services we provide for a fee to Owner-Operators that are not capable or ready to run under their own MC or USDOT numbers. This is beneficial for start-ups looking to learn the business and have a support team in place to help them navigate through the ropes. It can also be helpful to the veterans that simply want to deliver. 


It takes time and tracking to keep the trucking industry moving. For Owner-Operators that are on the road more than they are home, it can be difficult to find the time to calculate IFTA reports, or set up ELD accounts. It can also be a burden to find a dispatcher that works well and keeps them rolling, or to answer emails and calls from shippers and customers. All of this takes away from the simplicity of delivery. We provide that service to keep you successful.



We are always looking for dedicated and passionate owner-operators to join our family.
We are offering services to owner-operators that give personal customer service like no other. Our company is small but mighty  and always looking for new connections to make your driving  experience as carefree as possible.
A company that listens to drivers  and considers new and old approaches to make for smoother delivery.

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